Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Royal Wedding (Part 2)

A simple Well Wishes table.

The handwritten words on the chalkboard (tr: well wishes for the bride and groom) was done by my father, who has a knack for calligraphy and he is REALLY GOOD at it! (Why didn't I inherit that?!). It's just a small table, where guests could come and pick a card, and then run back to their seating places.

The original idea was to have a guestbook, but we wanted to avoid long queue of the guests. Then we went to this one wedding which implemented this idea and fell in love with it, and decided to adapt it for the royal wedding.

Nothing fancy about the cards (bought them at Tesco haha), and we did everything within 2 days (Stamp! Punch! Glue!). I already have the wedding stamps from my clear stamp stashes - bought ages ago but didn't really use it much, and it was the right time to use my new Martha punch... hehe. (which I LOVE!)

The plan was to have all the cards arranged in an album/ frame, but the bride and groom haven't decided yet, so the plan is still pending. :)


  1. everything's nice miyyah! share more!! i love it.

  2. wahhhhhhh......I love this, Miyyah. suke..suke...

  3. These are great ideas for upcoming weddings. May have to wait decades since most likely the next weddings will be my little people (nephews & nieces).

  4. wow....I really love this idea!! so cool!

  5. Really great blog. My friends referred me your site. Looks like everyone knows about it. I'm going to read your other posts. Take care. Keep sharing.

  6. x fahamla kenapa sms tak jawab, message fb tak jawab, email tak jawab!! susah sgt ke nak reply? kalau bz pun.. reply sms takleh ke cakap buzy?? dasyat tul la ... dah dua kali jadi camni.. oo lupe.. artis.. kan glamer... zzzz

  7. Very good idea with these cards for wishes! The wishes of the books is so that everyone is not always enters into it. I know something about this because I did book for my sister's wedding and it formed part of several people and the book was enormous. And here is not used cards can be used otherwise, nothing goes to waste. Probably be using your idea for my wedding! The idea with this table as well.
    Yours Finnuala

  8. Hey been waiting for your next post :) I have an award for you. Do visit my blog to view it :)

    Cheers, Indira



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