Monday, May 16, 2011

In Love

Simple is beautiful.

I love polka dots. And pompoms are my favourite kind of quilled flowers, as it's one of those simple flowers that are very quick to do. I'm getting the hang of using pattern paper right now, and I think I might get addicted to them hehe.

Well I had card craze these few nights and keep on making cards and cards and cards (and some bookmark samples). And I AM using pattern paper! Yeay for that!

The new cards will be ready for preview on Saturday the 14th, during the quilling class. I made almost 15 new cards this week (since I went card-'block' for the past month or so haha), and InsyaAllah I'll bring them to the class. The how-to of the flowers would be one of the tutorials that will be taught in the quilling class.

Join us! There are still spaces left for both slots. Will try to post the quilling set of what the participants will get sometime on Friday okay! :)

*runs off to do other things*


  1. I agree, simple is beautiful,nice work!!!

  2. very pretty card. i love these flowers too :)

  3. i love polka dots. i love black. i love patterned paper. so i love everything about this card ! lovely !

  4. Less is more. Simple yet gorgeous! Love it :)

  5. In Love with dis card...^_^

  6. Hi great readding your blog



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