Monday, February 28, 2011

Paper Crafters Get Together 2.0: FULL REPORT

It has been a tiring, yet very fulfilling weekend. :)

I was really looking forward for GT2.0, since it's been almost 5 months since our last GT1.0. I would like to consider it a success, and I had tonnes of fun meeting other crafters. I humbly thank everyone for attending, and for supporting this little get-together. Organising wasn't easy, but I've had help from other crafters and art enthusiasts, who gave me more supports than I've ever needed.

Eco-cent$ had been very accommodating in providing a place for us to hang out for the whole day. It was truly an act of kindness that is very hard to come by. Eco-cent$ imports pre-loved items from quality-obsessed Japan, and range from winter apparel to home goods. The quality items are generally sold at value & warehouse prices, suitable for the whole family. The owners are lovely ladies who support Arts & Crafts and they've been such a great help in making GT2.0 a success. For more info on Eco-cent$, you can visit their Facebook page.

As for the lovely 26th of February - I seriously thought my cheeks would be hurt from too much grinning and smiling the whole day. I'd the chance to meet some beautiful and talented paper crafters for the first time - Azilah, Aziha, Musfirah, Fatin, Nazirah, Iza and had great fun in reuniting with As, Lin, Tania and Nadia. I've also received supports from crafters of other crafts as well (felt, crochet, knitting etc), so thank you Mikko, Shikin, Sab,Fyd, Mizam and Norlie! (hope I don't miss anyone!)

For more photos of the event, here are the links:

Miyyah@Kertas Facebook Page
Azilah of Cupcake Craft & Handmade Cards
Sekoci Norlie's

For those who missed the event, no worries. Watch out for our GT2.0 CARDS AUCTION -  we decided to expand the fun online and auction all the cards made during the Paper Crafters Get-Together, so you'll have your chance to bid your favourite cards. It's not really about how much they worth, it's just for the fun of it (thanks Mangosteenskins for the idea!). The collected amount from the auction will be used for the upcoming get-together/ paper-crafts demonstrations. Details on The Auction will be given later. Watch the space okay! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing your get together, it looks like you had a lot of fun. Wish there were something like that close to home!

  2. hi paula,

    you're right, we had a lot of fun during the get together. It's always fun to be with people who share your love for paper! :) hope you're close by, so you could join too hehe!



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