Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Alma Mater


Yes, I'm always the patriotic type haha.

It's the logo of my alma mater: International Islamic University Malaysia.

Quilling this one was like going back on a time-machine. It made me grinned (half-stupidly haha), and smiled back to the tonnes of memories I've spent there. I kinda miss my old unimates, and even though we are on each other's friendlist on facebook, we hardly met. Yeah, my coursemates were the we-are-too-cool-so-why-meet kind of people hahaha, so I don't really think reunion is anywhere around the block.

I was the busy bee. I was hardly in my room at night time - I was too busy attending meetings and meetings and meetings, and spent most of my weekends doing my facilitating works with my club. And when I wasn't busy attending meetings or club activities, I would be busy looking up the sky, waiting for the rain to fall. Seriously! - and at the very first hint that it's going to rain, we (my friends and I) would happily hop on the first bus to the nearest Giordano shop. They sold their oh-so-cool umbrellas at half price on rainy days, and we were collecting them oh-so-crazily haha. I guess that's when my love for rain started. :)

It takes a while (weeks!) to finish the whole logo, and as usual, I ran out of patience towards the end, and simply wanted to finish them all haha. Can't help it, I was quilling the coils at midnights, with eyes half closed. *Seriously need to monitor my quilling quality lately.* I was planning to quill my primary/ high school logos as well (told you I'm the patriotic type!), but those were much more complicated than this one. Later maybe, when I have the right guts. :P

Oh, here's the original logo of my uni (I know, my proportion is a bit off):


  1. laa.kak miyyah blaja kt uia ke dlu..huhu..sy slalu duk follow blog nioh..best ..nk blaja ngn kak miyyah..tp sgan..tkut da one n only laki yg ada kalo pg gathering..hehe

  2. datang je. ada lagi few guys, wpun x ramai. kalau boleh memang nak galakkan guys join too, just to prove that quilling is not just for girls! datang ye! :)

  3. crazy cousin of yours4:18 pm

    that Giordano story is hilarious. crazy bunch!
    can i commission you for a valentine's card? you bailed on me last x-mas.

  4. jadi....apakah ini miyyah? magnet lagi? Ah i'm so jealous! hihihihi sincerely, your work is superb!!

  5. ohya miyyah...tengok quilling ini teringat sushi!

  6. ooo uia ke? wow. cool sangat nih. ahah. kalau jual kat uia mesti ramai orang beli =P

  7. my crazy cousin: sure, think I can squeeze in a card for you kot. nnt aku msg ko @ fb.

    mango: ha'ah. ini untuk magnet juga (tapi belum letak magnet kat belakang lagi :P) lepas ni quill sushi pun best! yum! yum!

    cik orang kurang rajin (haha): jual kat uia? haha, x terfikir sampai camtu pulak. This one was for fun. :P

  8. iium logo? wah, sngat bagus n cantek!!! miss iium already... hu3

  9. oh kak miyyah! u was in uia? im am in uia! we r in the same alma mater...hehe...anyway nice craft...dah lama ushar2 blog akak ni sbb memang minat quiling sgt...n kebykan idea i took from ur website...boleh kan tiru design? tak kan kena saman kan? =p



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