Saturday, January 01, 2011

The Lucky Album

A quick one.

As promised, here's the final look of the giveaway album/ photobook:

It's silver in colour, donning greyish black & light grey 1mm quilling strips. Here's the look with a sample photo in front:

The details:

Aaaand the picture that shows the thinness of the 1mm quilling strips hehehe:


It's my first full project using 1mm quilling strips. They're way more delicate than the usual 3m strips that I used, and took more time, but I simply love the thinness of the paper,  and the outcome. Planning to do more 2011 projects using 1mm quilling paper! Watch the space okay! :)

p/s: If you haven't joined the giveaway fun, leave a comment HERE and get a chance of winning this!


  1. The album is beautiful, someone is sure going to be lucky to win it. (hopefully me. :) )
    Keep up the beautiful work.

  2. Anonymous11:59 am

    ..its awesome!!!..

  3. Uuuau... sgt sgt sgt menarik dan tertarik.. why not mencuba nasib. :)
    Happy 2011 and have a prosperous year, Miyyah Kertassss!

    luv, ET

  4. happy new year with health ,love and creativity !!!!!

  5. thank you everyone! (and happy new year to you too!!!)

    do join the giveaway okay! :)



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