Thursday, December 23, 2010

Something new, something blue

This album was done ages ago, but only recently that I managed to snap pictures of it for the blog. You've probably seen this from the Star Kids' Fair pictures.

Here's the full blown on the album's details. It's another experiment of colour choices. The first album was done in greyish tone, but this time, I though blue could fit black perfectly. And it did! :)

I'm yet to make the box to keep the album, but I will, InsyaAllah... as soon as I can find the right time hehehehe. With so many projects and hectic daily life, I barely have time even for myself.  But hey, where there is a will, there is a way, right?


  1. kak miyyah! u're gojes! sgt cantik itu album~

  2. Miyyah...awesome..
    wonder la where u gt the idea..
    come out dia..walla!

    kotak abum itu suda semestinya..

  3. thank u nurul, aziha.

    aziha, album ni just expansion dari album hari tu aje. :P

  4. Wow! Amazing work!

  5. very nice..cntik sgt2..ada wat tempahan ke?=)



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