Sunday, December 12, 2010

And one for the wedding

These simple bookmarks are made for a close cousin's wedding last November. She designed her own calligraphic wedding signature (it's the combination of her name and her husband's in Arabic), and sent it to the rubber stamp shop (told her she should have it hand-made, but it was too late for that).

The red butterfly bookmarks looked pretty simple, but they actually took about the same amount of time to be done as the green bookmarks.

As you probably know, the green bookmark design is a repeated design from the previous ones that I've done. (Sure is a popular design, eh?)

To Nihayah and Rezalman, CONGRATULATIONS on the wedding!

(that's the bride)


  1. awwwwwww.....malu i! heheheh...(can see the newly-buffed nails too).

    they were a hit. semua org tanya. i told them, look at the back of the bookmarks :D

  2. Your bookmarks are really really pretty =) wonder how you have the patience to do SO MANY OMG.

    I was just wondering, if they're bookmarks...wouldn't it be difficult if they're not flat? After all, when you put it between the pages of a book, the book will press into it...(hope you get my mixed up sentences haha).

  3. yunie, thank you.

    Quilling bookmarks are not flat, of course, but they are strong enough to handle books.



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