Monday, November 22, 2010

Tulips for mama

I love making cards for mothers. There's something special about showing your love towards someone who gave birth to you.

Mums love flowers. At least that's the presumption people had on mothers. Personally, I think mums will love anything made/bought by their children. It's not the items, or the price, but it's the thoughts that count. Isn't it?

I'm still experimenting on the colours. I kinda like the retro look on the photos, but at the same time I still prefer the vibrant and colourful photos I normally snap.

Nevertheless, I always thought this retro photo effect is able to create the romantic mood, and in the case of mothers, I think it's just perfect. :)


  1. Ooooohhhhh!!! The tulips are so gorgeous! I love the color combination...the different tones is just so lovely!

  2. nak copy paste komen kak lin bole tak? hehe.. felt the same way! this tulip and its color is so mother-ly :')

  3. colour die sangat it...
    tahap sejuk perut ibu mengandung nie...hahhaha...

  4. oh, kad ni sangat oldies kan hahaha! sebab tu kena buat retro look ;P

  5. kak miyyah! kad itu sgt gojes! ~adore u for ur handwork <3

  6. nak tanye..u pakai kertas jenis ape ye??? kertas u nmpk cm tebal n permukaan die mcm ade structure..



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