Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The Chaotic Fair

I'm still working on the detailed report on the Star Kids Fair last weekend (which went AWESOMELY WELL) aaand the Art is Enterprising Workshop that I attended 2 weeks ago, so in the meantime, this entry is a photo spam of all the lovely quilling artworks done by the kids (and their parents) during the Star Kids Fair workshop. I've spoiled myself with all the delicious quilling, so I wanted to spoil you too! Enjoy!

p/s How adorable are these kids?!! Wish I could put all of them in my pockets hahaha!

(All the pictures are courtesy of Parenthots)



Parenthots.com judges have finalised the top 10 artworks. So do your right and vote for your favourite artwork HERE. The voting closed at 12 midnight MYT (GMT+8) on 4th December 2010.


  1. Vote reaction Arman NO SATU! heheheh =P

  2. Sooo cute. Alah..tomei tomeinya semua :)

  3. wow! so cool! so cute laaaaaa!!!!

  4. Elyssa & Esmyn enjoyed themselves!

    Esmyn continued quilling when we reached home & it was her 1st time during the fair ;)

    From the shortlisted, the medusa like hair is "out-of-the-card" thinking :P like it a lot. Cute yet funky hehehe

    Will def vote for the lil ones!

  5. Thank fid..... hahaha.. arman memang gaya jer....

    Miyyah.. thanks.. my kids really enjoy, and asking more and more qulling after that kat rumah, cuma ibu diorg jer la yg tak larat nak layan heheheh....

  6. cute.. looking at those pictures, what i can conclude is that, boys are more daring & adventurous in their craft.. hehe..

  7. ooh this is so cute... where r u based and where ws this exhibition becoz i can see loads of Indian faces too...



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