Monday, April 19, 2010

Fasten things together

So many things to do, so little time!

These are some of the flowers and butterflies in my collections (told you I've made tons before), and since my paper clips collection are thinning down, I thought I should make some, and here they are.

It's good to have pre-made embellishments like the flowers and the butterflies, as it took me less than 5 minutes to glue them down on the paper clips.

Back in those days of quilled flower craze, I love to mix and match two colours for a flower, and ended up with some multi-colours flowers! (And the polka-dot butterfly reminded me of chicken pox haha)

On other note, my to do list just added up to another page from before, and I've officially started to get a bit panicky of not being able to settle everything on time. I still have few emails to reply, few orders to do, few trips to go, few itineraries to prepare, few resumes to send and a graduation to attend. Perhaps it's time to scream and grab a chunk of my hair now.

I have to stop taking bulk orders for now as I'm fully booked up until July. But I'd still entertain small, individual orders, if you're interested. To those whose emails I still owe a reply to, hang in there okay, need to sort everything first, and I will get to you back ASAP!


  1. Beautifull!!!!

  2. hye..sgt cute!
    may i know where u get those clips?
    im looking for it tp susah la nak jmp
    if u dont mind =)

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