Monday, March 15, 2010

Extraterrestrial Reading

These little aliens remind me a lot of teletubbies LOL. After Irie was born, I though of making more robots, but I keep on quilling aliens instead hehe. These four little aliens had very, very huge tummies, and as you can see, they have taken serious liking on desserts.

Let's do some proper introduction, shall we?

Well, this is Gaz. He's so much into glitzy chocolate puddings and seems to be a bit obsessed with anything chocolaty. He shouts MINE all the time - especially when he's hungry.

He's a bit selfish, and snotty. But could be a little cute especially when he stuffs himself with chocolate LOL. As selfish as he is, the other three seem to listen to him very well, and respect him a lot. So I guess he's the leader of the pack.

And this green little monster is called Chu.

He's the nerdy one in the group, and a natural-born peacemaker. He recycles everything around him and plans to open his own recycling centre. He loves vege and anything green. He might not say it out loud, but I think he has a wee bit crush on Gem.

Who's Gem? Well, this is Gem:

The troublemaker, and the youngest of them all. Gem is Gaz's younger sister, but they have absolutely nothing in common (okay, perhaps the thickheads!). Gem didn't listen to anyone, and only does what she likes.

She loves her brother because he's her brother, but hates everything else about him hahaha. She loves to bicker, and yells a lot. But she has a very good heart, and soften a bit whenever her brother's not around :P

The last one in the group is The Prince.

I have no idea why he's called that way. He's not a real prince, nor anyone ever treated him like one. All I know is that he never talks. Gem loves talking to him, as he never replied. He has a heart made of gold, and is loved by everyone. He eats the most out of the four, and he just adores Forgotten Pudding.

Which one is your favourite? :P

*this entry is featuring Nigella Express, one of my favourite cookbooks ever.

On another topic, it saddens me to say that my loyal camera has officially went haywire - for the second time! It keeps on snapping blank pictures as if it had been knocked out and couldn't see anymore. There's no point of repairing anymore (I spend almost RM300 to repair the last time), and I might as well buy a new SLR (dream on - get a job first Miyyah! :P). I'm not sure how to take the next piccas, but will probably rely on my sister's for a while.


  1. mau taht green one..plz2..heheh..nice craft miyyah..
    recently i cant do nothing..houhuhuh..
    busy with my id project and what so ever assgnment...try to find time to do all of that thingy....
    new amigurumi, new felt order (fuh alot to finish)...

  2. These are just adorable! The aliens are so cute and I really enjoyed reading about them. You are very talented. Thank you for sharing!


  3. i love all!!! semua cute2 ..nama n erangai memasing pun cute..heheheh

  4. mizam: take a break, finish other important stuff first baru continue balik. jangan paksa diri hehe.

    charlotte: glad you've enjoyed reading about them. I've had fun creating their characters in my head too :)

    norlie: thank you! bila nk update blog? asyik under construction je heheh..



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