Friday, March 05, 2010

Calendar 2010 v. 4

Yes, even though it's been 3+ months into 2010 already, I'm still making calendars LOL! This time it's for the lovely Ms Dila (whom I think must be a bubbly person with a cheerful personality - got that vibe from her emails hehe). She asked whether I could make the 2010 calendars for her and her husband, even though calendars are supposed to be received before 2010 arrived hehe. I said yes, and she got all excited, and it took me almost two weeks to complete the task. She finally received the calendars yesterday, so I feel obliged to say this to her: Sorry Dila for being a bit late! Glad to hear that you love the calendars! :)

So here goes the first one - for Dila. It's pink and white, very girlish indeed. :P

Here's the individual monthly calendars:

Here's a closer look for some of them:

This is how the calendar will stand on a desk (s you've noticed lately, most of my photos are photographed in the limited outdoor space that we have hehe).

And this one is for her husband. I use blue and black, with a dash of white. I found the beautiful pattern paper at a stationery shop near the house, and instantly fell in love with the retro look! Thought it would suit the look I'm looking for. :)

And here are the individual months in its entirety:

The close up of some of them:

And this is how it will stand on a desk:

Both calendars were nicely wrapped up in a brown paper, and later put in the pos express box for delivery.

I think I've learned my lesson well. When I first started delivering the orders, I wrapped the packages in ugly boxes, but nowadays, I made sure that everything is wrapped up nicely, so the receiver would open the box with an eye-pleasing view. Hehe. Will try wrapping up better next time (the tape still shown!).

Oh, and yes, all the boxes were custom-made from scratch. I'm a bit obsessed in making boxes lately, and have been making quite a number in variety of sizes hehe. Can't wait to decorate them next!


  1. The pink its really beautifull!!!!!!

  2. love ur handmade stufff!!!! love love love :)

  3. neli: thanks! Glad you like it!

    Styleingenius: Thank you for dropping by. Love your blog too. :)

  4. waahh...laku!! cam pisang panas nih!!

    haaa..mari mari mari!!! only available at miyyah@kertas!!! 2 singget 2 singget 2 singget!! :D

  5. dila, wah, senyap2 je ye, bukan nak bgtau ada blog hehehe...

    thanks! for trusting me to do the calendars! :P

  6. Anonymous2:13 am

    salam kenal dari Indonesia
    bagus blognya :)
    kalendernya manis




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