Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Into the wide blue yonder

There's nobody's birthday, but I happened to have the birthday tag, and thought it suited the card haha.

I'm not really sure what this technique is called - I'm pretty sure it must have a name somehow, but am yet to figure it out.

I've seen someone made a flower out of these petals, and learned later that this technique is taught in Jane Jenkin's book. But I'm yet to get my copy of the book (still nowhere to find in Malaysia!), so I did my own experiment and came out with this - I guess they are not so similar but they're still nice in my eyes hehe.

I'm addicted to making these right now, and had made tonnes of red, green, black and brown, but yet to figure out the next designs. This was actually my first, and I'm loving the swirls and the blue waves!

This is totally something different from what I used to make, and I'm totally excited to be able to do this. Will post few more designs later!


  1. wow cantiknya miyyah buat ni...

  2. arrrrrrrrrrrghh...
    cantik lagi...from magical hand..

  3. maya, mizam,

    thanks! There's still a lot to improve though.. :)

  4. Anonymous5:00 am

    Hi, I invite you to visit my blog dedicated to QUILLING.
    Your cards and other works are fantastic. Yours Finnuala


  5. Hi,

    I loved your design using his technique. Could you share a tutorial how to get these lovely swirls :)


  6. beautifully set !! d color combination is just perfect n d curves as well!! do u have any instrument 2 get dat perfect curve?



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