Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Belated Birthday and Flaming Lily

Thank you Malinda Johnston, for introducing me to this stunning quilling technique to make the Flaming Lily! I think the theme quite fit in the Chinese New Year theme hehe. Spent a great, and cosy weekend at a friend's place and the card was supposed to be a belated birthday card (and the presents will be posted later). I've always wanted to try yet another template from Malinda Johnston's book, and finally had the chance. So here goes:

The flower looks difficult but it's actually quite simple to do. It was a bit difficult for me to crimp the petals, as I have quite unsteady hands. But it turns out quite ok at the end so that's what matter more. :)

I love the leaves too because the different shades of green used gave nice tone to the flower. (Well the original template has 3 lilies, but I made only one to fit the card.)

I'm thinking of experimenting with shades and tones next, because I simply love the combination of greens, and the combination of red and and yellow.
Here's the inside of the card (I put a red square in the middle of the card)

Happy belated birthday again Tita, and hope you love the present.

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  1. i would love to learn the trick to make these lilies :)




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