Thursday, December 17, 2009

Going Retro?

I've been busy submitting the final hard cover version of the thesis (yeay! It's finally THE END!) and attending to few @Kertas orders. It's been tiring, but fun.

As for the entry, this should have been posted ages ago, but I was caught up with something else.. so here goes..

This is actually a repeated order for Jewelery Box. But this time, she wanted pink and black box for her sister's birthday. I searched for the black/pink design on pattern paper for days, until I finally found a nice one at One Utama. And I got the idea for the retro design based on the design on the pattern paper itself.

I basically used 4 different pink tones, white and black to make all the peds. The peds alone took several days to make (it's fun rolling them when watching tv, watching kdrama online and when in passenger seat on the way to Kelantan/ Terengganu haha). And this is what they looked like from close up:

The inside of the box was also black and pink in colours, and had 5 compartments instead of the previous 4. Basically this jewelery box was similar in width, but slighly longer in length. As for the inside design, instead of putting the owner's name like I did last time, I put a mirror instead, surronded by black and pink quilled frame.

This is how the mirror (and the frame) looked like in close up:

The box came with a card attached, and as written on the card, the jewelery box was meant for Dada.

Hopefully Dada's birthday present this year would put a grin on her face. Happy belated birthday dear!

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  1. falling in love with this quilling..very very gorgeous..



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