Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lucky Sweet 6

I've been very busy fulfilling orders from friends lately that I couldn't catch up to updating the blog. I've done most of the needed tasks so here I am, updating again. Never thought that having to squeeze creative juices from the head would tire me so much, but if felt great afterward, so I don't really mind. :)

I made this for a friend's niece that's going to celebrate her birthday this coming weekend. So she asked me to do a jewelery box and a giant card for her niece. And I came up with matching card and box:

I seriously had great fun designing the card, as it was the first time I ever done something that HUGE. And it was also my first time building up a jewelery box from scratch. So regardless of the imperfections, I'm very proud of them. The size of the card is 12.5" x 6.5" and the box's size is 7.5" x 6.5" x 3 3/4" (tall). (Hope I put that right coz I'm not really sure how one should really put down the measurement in words haha).

Here's the detailing for the card:

Some of the card features may seem similar to my previous design, but this time around i play with different tones of colours. The last time I made such flowers, the colours were more matured looking, but here, it's even too girlish for me. But hey, it's for a 6 year old kid, so I'm pretty sure she'd be happy as girls her age love overdosed PINK.

I chose pastel colours for the delicious sweetness of the card, and play around with different quilling designs in the butterflies and the bees. Take a look at this butterfly and guess how many quilled strips were used to complete a butterfly?

As for the box, here's what the outside of the box looks like:

And what's inside:

The niece's name is Wawa so I quilled her name on the inside lid so the box would be personalised, and decorated the alphabets with few quilled sunflowers.

And I made four small boxes instead of making partitions, so Wawa could play around with them and rearrange her jeweleries the way she wanted.

I really hope Wawa would have great joy for this gift, and the card. To Po'a, I'm sure you're such a great aunt and really hope your niece would be one happy kid when she receives this. :)

p/s: Nothing feels better than making someone's day.


  1. nice.. really nice.. so u'r an entrepreneur now ha? congrats! ;)

  2. thanks. xlah entrepreneur mananye. Saje suka2 buat.. free2 time.



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