Monday, October 05, 2009

FOUND! : Craft Punch

Craft lovers in Malaysia, you'd love this news!

I love collecting craft punches, but always thought that they're a bit pricey in Malaysia. Someone on ebay even sold this same brand at RM15.00! Even the usual size punch would cost me around RM9.00 - RM15.00.

But then, last week I found these:

And they're sold at RM5.00 each! Isn't that cheap?! Unfortunately, they're only selling two designs, so I took both. I've been collecting leaves punches, so the leaf design is just perfect to be added to my collection. The punches can be found in 3 colours - pink, yellow and blue.

Can't wait to use them!

Found at: Daiso Japan, 2nd Floor, The Curve, Mutiara Damansara.
Sold at: RM5.00 each (everything in the store worth RM5.00 each)

Hurry up, while stocks last!


  1. betullah...quiet pricey la...mostly kat kedai stationery biasa, regenye boleh sampai 19hingget. mampus guwe nak beli. thx eh bg info tu. lame ngat doh mencari yg murah. nanti nak gi serebu. harap2 ade la lg...

  2. Anonymous2:22 pm

    Cari saya, saya ada jual craft paper punch in mini size. banyak design...
    contact saya at

    1. Ada lg jual x....blh email katalog

    2. Ada lg jual x....blh email katalog

  3. by seeing your crafts i felt love with them by reading your blog i think you are art student is it?i want you to be my art teacher but i stay in can learn them and i want good instruments like punching machines,quilling tools and papers.u tell them because you have done some research .where i can get them in Hyderabad.

  4. Anonymous10:14 am

    @Koneru:: A wide range of craft punches are available in "KITSONS PAPER SHOP" in gachibowli, hyderbad.



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