Sunday, July 12, 2009

A robot-full of love.

One of the hundred reasons of why I'm not updating this blog is the guilt that strikes me every time I touch the papers. Or the scissors.

"My main priority now is to complete my thesis, not to start crafting again."

That's a chant I kept on repeating inside my head. The chant that torments my heart for the past few months.

Oh well, I still do crafts, I still hold scissors, and I still buy papers. But the guilt feeling is still there, thus holding me up. Haha. Excuses. Excuses. Excuses.

A glitter pink heart made to flatter everyone. Thus this entry is made to tell everyone (who would listen) that my heart is still here. And this blog will still be up, to stay. I may not be able to update as regularly as possible, and oh, to the emailers, I'm really, truly sorry for not being able to keep up with you guys. I will try my very best to reply your emails as soon as I can find time.

I know. It's the worst excuse I can come up with. *Shy*

I might wish to be a robot, but I wish that I'm a robot that comes with a glitter pink heart. So I could tell everyone how much I love you guys for being here, and how much I appreciate your concerns. And thank you for the wonderful emails, and requests. And I'm truly sorry for not being able to attend to some of requests. I'll try making up with you guys later k!

So here I am, still as guilty as ever, to myself, to my thesis.. but especially to you, my frequent readers who keep on clicking this blog.

So I made this card, with a delicate hand, and a robot-full of love, to tell everyone that the heart still glitters. :)

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