Sunday, February 01, 2009

Chocolate for Sweet Lady

I've submitted the first draft of the 3 chapters for my thesis. They're now in safe hands of my supervisor and yet to be checked. To celebrate, I'll be meeting Tita today and plan to go and watch movie + makan2 + jalan2 @ The Curve hehe. Will stop by Papier for a crafty dose.

Since she's been all ears to my problems for the past months (erm..years to be exact hehe), I made these for her.

The butterflies were the extras from the butterfly swap, and the pattern paper was bought from Art Friend, The Garden few months back.

Just to say thank you.

For the ears. And for the friendship. (And for belated birthday too ha ha). Hope you'll like them dear.


  1. Yup, I DO :))) Being the sweet tooth I am and my penchant for pink haha

    Thanks, dear - we've been friends for more than 10 years and u still have my ears hehe i have been eyeing the chocs since balik tapi sayang nak makan!!

    I first tried to open the plastic with the pink stapled part and then on 2nd thought, I ended up cutting the other end (clear plastic) and found 2 bookmarks - what a nice surprise! Tau2 aje bookworm ni hahahaha

    I'm still contemplating nak bukak ke tak the chocs - I think I'll leave it a while, it's now next to my bed so i can look at it hehe Bilik aku ni filling up with craft nampak, on my wardrobe is the TITA signage thingy which I put up there monthsss back. Sape2 dtg mesti nampak from far hehehe

    Art Fiend tu pun aku ada teman ko pegi kat Gardens kan :) I like to see all the colourful papers and all the pretty things only like I said, no patience to craft them but I'm always here to appreciate!

    Jgn lupa, new project ko tu, sila2 la guna gambar aku - aku willingly volunteer he he he

    Ok, this is a loooong comment :PPP

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