Wednesday, July 23, 2008

On poppets

(this is the answer for Nana's questions)

Hi! Miyahh, all the LOs are so cutee. Buat camane? prepare on paper first then combine with digital?

I made everything on paper first - everything except the poppet heads (the photos). Since my photo albums are mostly at home in KT, so I decided to use my digital photos instead. In order to get the right 'head' to match the poppet bodies, I scan the bodies first, mantained their original size and get the measurement through photoshop. The original plan was to print out the heads photos later on and pasted them onto their respective bodies. So it could be a totally paper layout.

But then comes the problem. The printer was out of ink (and it can't seem to print too) so I decided to do the cropping of the heads and the bodies through photoshop (instead of paper & scissors). Given the disfunctional camera, I also decided to scan my layout (it takes 3 scans to complete the layout) and edit digitally. I know, it's triple work!

Normally a hybrid scrapbooking would see a scrapper print out the digital copy first then embellish it using paper, but in my case, it was vice versa. I guess those are little things you do for for the sake of crafts! ;p

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  1. hehehe miyahh mmg kerja giler tapie fun kan? Thank you so much for the explanation. Kudos sis!This poppet thing is so cute. Well I've learned a new word today. Poppet hehehe



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