Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Bookmark swap @ Lovescrap

This is my first ever bookmark online swap. It's fun knowing there are others out there sharing similar interest with me. Diva is the host for the swap and there are 19 swappers involved (from Lovescrap and SKAC Forums). I finished mine earlier and managed to be the first to post the bookmarks to our little Miss Diva. :P

Materials used:
Playing cards
Wrapping paper
Coloured A4 papers (for quilling)
Dry and wet adhesives, scissors.

All embellishments (apart from ribbons) are self-made with love.

They come in 4 designs
Close up


  1. Howevwr i just little know about scrapper, but i will give you a gratefull
    you are very creatives
    my 'salut' for you



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