Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Child's Art (Part 3 of 3)

This is the last of the three-part tribute to Child's Art.

Fiqa is the first born in our family. She's the first daughter, the first granddaughter, and the first niece we ever had. She's now 9, and strangely enough, I think she skewed more towards the left brain (must inherited that from the parents, not the aunt, heh!), and she herself claimed of not having the hands of an artist :P  And yet, she surprised me with her designs most. I'm loving the cute little figurines that she made, as they fit the qualifications of being the citizens of my Wonderland perfectly (here goes the Land blabbering again!). For example, she first made this:

.. and I was totally in love with it! Yup, that's me and my little obsession with aliens, freaks and weirdos. This little 'thing' looks like a mutated being, and I just love its two giant rabbit-like ears. Can you see those little sensors inside the rabbit-like ears. And it feels like this mutant could even fly, with the two wings. I could even picture this little thing buzzing around the lake, admiring the Narcissus flowers.I think I should call it MT (a short form for mutated thing hahaha)

I think MT is feeling very lonely, being the weird mutant with shocking green ears. It must have felt so left out. But again, each of us is a weird mutant in our own way anyhow. Don't we always claim how we're so different from others, and how our minds are so complicated no everyone can understand us? I know I did, and I'm sure most of you too. :) So MT and us didn't make that much of a difference, right?

Hence, since MT looks so alone, of course it needs a partner. So Fiqa designed MT's partner, which we should call...... MT v2. Hahaha. (I should really be more creative in naming things!)

... and I could just feel the mood being lifted and fluffy feelings fill the air! v2 has that vibe of making everyone else around her feels good. :). I especially love v2's hair. It's soooo 70s! LOL! She must've put lots and lots of gel to make it stay put. :P

And last but not least, Fiqa made use of my quilling box and designed my favourite mutated mermaid ever! :

Yep, it must be another mutated being - of mermaids and medusa. Should we call it Med then? She's the lake's guardian, watching from inside the lake. No, she can't sing, and she didn't turn anyone into a stone even if you gazed at her for hours. She's a fierce being, but not a real evil. Cheeky at times, and very accident-prone. And she's very proud of her flaming red hair! :P

This Narcissus lake has a very greek-ish theme to it, with Narcissus flowers by the side, and Med gawking from the inside. Should we create more happy gorgonians to complete the set? :P

p/s MT and v2 are made into bookmarks. I'm yet to glue Med down. Oooohh.. she's slippery eyh!


  1. I love the little rabbit! so cute!!

  2. hi miyyah..ummi loves all of it!..great job dear..

  3. kak miyyah, i ♥ all of them!! the hair of MT v2, yep.. so 70s.. haha.. sgt kretips and i guess, dlm minda kretips die ad taman alice in wonderland lah ;) about the mermaid.. oh, i thought her hair was her hands.. dancing ballet.. so it doesnt look fierce.. it looks lovely!! ;)



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