Friday, June 11, 2010

Defend your shore!

This is the angrier version of fence motives. Yes. I'm currently angry. And stress. And fed up. And upset. And frustrated. Don't ask. I thought of blabbering everything here, but currently resisting the temptation.

I'm loving this kind of structural motives right now. Part of it reminded me of the traditional wood-carving motives that can easily be found in Malaysian traditional houses. Only mine is the angrier modern version of the (burned) wood (?) haha. I'm planning to extend this kind of motives into something more than a card-making. I can already imagined repetition of such designs on a bigger scale artwork. Can't wait to start!

Yet again, cards are my passion, and they are the best, and easiest way to experiment with any kind of design. One of the reasons why my cards are very simplistic and its focal point is on the quilling instead of other things is because I've always imagined them in some frames, instead of drawers. Maybe, I said maybe some good souls out there who receive my cards would appreciate them that much. Just maybe.

Oh well. We can dream, right?


  1. Miyyah....I wish you will explore more in this quilled patterns because I think you did it so's so gorgeous!!! I've always love looking at this structural quilling patterns you it even more than your quilled flowers actually....I'm just lost for words when I see these type of quilled patterns that you's just so amazingly gorgeous!!! Great job girl!! Wooohoooooooo!!!!

  2. kak miyyah, this is so nice.. can't wait to see your bigger scale artwork! maybe, you can promote our tradition (like batik design, and as u said; wood craving) through this art?? sounds great rite? ^__^

  3. Lin, thank u so much for the comment. I am planning to explore on this, on bigger scale instead of just cards. That's also one of the reasons y I took the break from taking orders anymore (been thinking of extending the break up until august hehe).

    Asma', been thinking of that too! Haha.. I've been doing a bit of research on that (Malaysian traditional houses fascinate me!), and just can't wait to get started.

  4. sounds great, kak miyyah! ^__^ i'll always support you form here!

  5. Miyyah!!! Absolutely stunning!!!! You have a great talent!! Love all your work!!

  6. thank you regina!!

  7. very neat quilling....

  8. Anonymous7:06 am

    Miyyah... am interested in purchsing the motives. how do i go about? how much? just a 6x6inch will do. will require like 30 of them. do let me know. -



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