Monday, June 07, 2010

Child's Art (part 2 of 3)

Afiq will be 6 this coming August (he's a Merdeka baby!), and he goes to the same kindy with his little brother. He's way more eccentric that his younger brother, and just loves to ask questions that will make your head scratch on it's own. Highly inquisitive, this kid. He recently told his teacher and his whole classmates that his father's favourite pastime is singing, and made it sound like the parents owned a karaoke machine at home. During the teacher-parent meeting, the teacher even asked them whether it's really true LOL. When the dad asked him of why he'd said that (instead of saying his father loves badminton - which was much more fitting), he grinned and answered, "the teacher asked us to draw what our father loves to do, and to draw you playing badminton was very hard! So I draw you singing instead." (tr.)

Afiq is very artistic, and had shown the most interests in quilling more than the other two. He has a very neat and beautiful handwriting, and is very imaginative. Here's his quilling design that he made using items from my quilling box, which I then glued on the card:

It's a clown, he said. What makes this even more amazing to me is that each of the items that he used for the design was actually meant for something else in my mind. For example, the clown's head, was actually meant to be an owl's body. The green hands, were previously meant to be leaves. The orange-ish yellow pants were actually meant to be flower petals. The brown wood was actually meant to be a butterfly's tiny body. And the balloon - I planned to use it as one of the butterfly wings, but just don't have time to shape it accordingly.

And never in my mind had I thought all of these would ended up on a clown's body. Creative, isn't it? And the tiny dot on the clown's chest - Afiq said it was the clown's popping heart. Awww. Too cute!

Now then, wouldn't this freaky clown with a round heart a perfect candidate for my Wonderland guardian? He could guard the Land of The Broken Hearts, and would be awesome in tending care and cheering up those poor souls.

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  1. Wow...and most of the time when my niece and nephews want to dig into my stash of quilling or "play" around with my craft supplies I get nervous and think they are going to break I will take a deep breath and let them go at it.
    Thanks for your inspiration.



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