Saturday, June 05, 2010

Child's Art (part 1 of 3)

When you're having crafter's block, the best thing to do is to ask someone else to design for you. LOL. Oh wait - except when you're simply too fussy and don't trust anyone. :P

My niece and nephews have always been my favourite comfort food, as they are always in awe with every quilled items I shoved on them. Even when they're half done, or half-cooked. :P. They asked me to teach them how to quill, and I did. We quilled some robots once, and they were very excited over it, even though it  tested their patience in quilling the thin paper strips. I thought of taking pictures of the robots and posted them here, because I was so proud of them. But the kids were way faster than me, and took the robots to school instead, and lost them. :( Okay, one didn't got lost, but it got squeezed somehow and couldn't be saved. R.I.P little robot!

So the next time they asked me to do the art stuff, it got me to think twice. I don't want them to lose any of their hard work anymore, and since I have a box full of pre-made quills ready to be assembled, I let them play around with the box.

That's when I realised how imaginative kids can be, as some creative artworks started to form right in front of my eyes. Since I don't want them to go into waste, I cut some cards, and glued exactly their same designs on the cards. I told the kids we could sell the cards, and they got even more excited over the idea, and start making more designs! Yeay! I just found myself new creative designers :P! I plan to put the designers' cards on sale, so they could have their own hard-earned money. So this is going to be the first of the 3 parts tribute to them- and I'll start with my youngest nephew first.

Afif just turned 4 last March, and he's the brightest kid in his class (he just came out on top in his kindy half-year assessment, with a proud 100% on most of the subjects). He reads very well, spells complicated words like karbon dioksida and penyalahgunaan very well, talks like an adult, styles his own hair, picks his own clothes, loves carrots so much, and is an expert with laptop (kids these days!). He even memorises his father's laptop and facebook password, so that he could hack the laptop and crack the page to play games whenever he's online. Oh he's online most of the time. This is the proof - Afif in his usual self image (taken last year, he was 3):

And this is the design that he made:

The flowers were actually the leftover quills that I can't even remember what I'd used them for. He saw the toothpicks that I used to glue down my quilling items, and use them in his design (I changed the toothpicks with some new ones for the card). The leaves were meant for one of my new projects, but he liked them so much so I just let him used them first. I can always do more later. :)

I promised him that I would post the card on my blog and sell it if anybody's interested. He got excited over the idea, and already has a long list plan of buying the whole Ultraman Brothers toy set from selling the card. LOL. In fact, he put so much thought into it, and had already digged through my quilling box couple of times to make more designs. Will definitely put them up later as well!


  1. ya Allah, geniusnye that afif!! sgt terkesima bila kak miyyah kata die boleh spell the complicated words.. bravo! n creative also.. esok boleh jadi programmer.. hihi.. cant wait for another 2 part! ^^

  2. Tell Afif he made a wonderful design and I wish him much success in his business venture! :-) The picture of him at the keyboard is so cute and he sounds like a very special little boy.

  3. Thank you Asma', Ann!

    He is a very special boy, and yes, his ambition is to be a computer programmer :P

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