Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Teacher's Day

Happy Belated Teacher's Day everyone!

16th of May actually marked my 5th year of becoming an official teacher. There were some gaps in between those days where I was more of a student than a teacher (and I'm still on 'leave' right now -read: jobless :P), but the fact remains, I stepped into the teaching business exactly on 16th May, 2005. So I am a teacher, right! I was born in a family of teachers, both my parents were teachers, I was brought up in a neighbourhood where teachers ruled (whenever I mentioned my housing area, people would start asking,"So, which teacher's daughter are you?") and even most of my friends are teachers - okay, that's a given, since we are majoring in teaching anyway hahaha.

This year I got a chance to prepare some gifts for Teacher's Day celebration, as requested by Miera, a lovely girl from Johor. Though there were some miscommunications involved, I'm glad that the gifts had safely arrived and I sincerely hoped that everything went well for the celebration.

The gift comes in 3 forms: the boxes, the glasses, and the cards. Here are the cards:

The close up of the cards:

Here're the glasses:

By the time the pictures were taken, the red glass were yet to be buttonized (is that a word? :P). The close up of the glasses:

And here're the two types of boxes made - I've always wanted to do milk-carton boxes, and here's my chance of doing that. The white box actually complimented the white-based cards with red/ dark blue/ light blue/ pink theme, and the matching cards.

I added up the altered cloth peg and a tag (it was last-minute addition - but totally loved them!)

And this yellow box is actually meant for 12 special sets that she requested. By the time the pictures were taken, I've done all 12 boxes, but the glasses and the cards were still in progress. And I totally forgot to take the aftermath pictures.

And here's an example of the end product:

I made 94 sets of these, and this would be my last bulk order for a while. I decided to take a break, and won't be taking orders anymore, until August arrives. I need to finish up the remaining requests (should be done by June), and seriously need to start experimenting again. I love entertaining others' requests, but once in a while, I need time to do my own favourite things as well. And I've already listed few new quilling projects that I need to start gearing up to!:)


  1. hai, boleh tak i tau mana nak dapat kan mod podge?

  2. Yes, i think it is so true that once in a while we need to take some time off to recharge. Goodluck with your quilling projects!


  3. hi amalina,

    u can get mod podge at artfriend, the gardens, or craft have, 1utama, or any other craft shops available.

    azilah, totally agree! I need the time off, need to do what I want for a while, instead of doing what others' want. :)

  4. wow,sangat cute! saya pernah try buat kotak susu tu,buat sebiji pun dah rase susahnya,awak buat sampai 94! sangat hebat! =)

  5. suha,

    oohhh.. saya ingat entry tu! mula2 nak buat template mmg cam complicated sikit, tapi once dah get into the hang of it, boleh buat laju sikit hehe.

  6. 94 set is GILER B#B$ ok!!...
    sukenyer saya tengoookk...
    you really can go far la miyyah!
    you are always one step further than me..!!! Gerammm!!!..muahahhaha

  7. hahha.. betul tu cikladyfinger, first 10 buat mmg excited la.. masuk yang ke 50 rasa macam patah tangan, masuk 80 nak give up aje hahaha.

  8. so love this miyyah, and your say, 'masuk 80 give up je lah' tu kelakar lah. :p

  9. hi kak miyah,

    do u know where i can find any quilling tool in johor bahru? i tried to search in harris but i dont see any. when i ask the sales assistances, all of them buat muka pelik...huuu.... currently, sy guna pencil, clip paper and cotton but for quilling... sedih gila... kesian kan la sy...hahahah :p


  10. thanks hani!

    fifah, not sure where to find quilling tool in jb. even kat kl pun susah nak dpt. itu pun kat selected craft stores aje. nnt bila free, insyaAllah I'll do a tutorial on how to make your own quilling tool ok! :)

  11. Anonymous9:06 pm

    Mod podge tu berapa ringgit eh ?

  12. Hi...can anyone tell me where i can find qualling class for beginner...

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