Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scrap thy heart

Making this card felt like shredding own heart to confetti-like pieces, and trying hard to scrap it back into the heart shape. The only problem is that when you shred your own heart, regardless of efforts to glue the pieces back together, the end result would always be completely different. Piecing together a shredded heart usually ended up it being a battered looking heart shape, with scars and marks all over its body, no matter how many times the owner tried to erase them.

Shredding one's heart is always a difficult thing to do, but I believe if you're crafty enough, you can always turn the shredded pieces into something more valuable, and beautiful. So when I combined my shredded heart pieces together, I was half-expecting it to have scars and marks, but the new heart surprises me. Yes, it does leave some mess during the gluing process  (and it did smudge a bit), but the end result was beyond my own expectation. The confetti-like shredded pieces now rolled into some fine (and some not so) quills, and they stick to each other very strongly. The best part of them all? - it has to be the way it glows, with such splashes of colours, for all the world to see.

You see, shredding your own heart is not the end of the world. It's something no one likes to do, but scrapping it back can turn it into something great as well (and stronger, of course!). And knowing that you've scrapped it back using your own two hands, gives even more satisfaction. Just don't be afraid to experiment, as you'll never know what kind of rainbow-coloured heart you will get next. :)


  1. Very beautiful heart and very true to what you've said,Miyyah. Great work!

  2. thanks aisyah, famanis~awar, glad you both like the card.

  3. gorgeous colours! nampak sgt nyummmy =)

  4. miyyah..miyyah.. kata2 anda sungguh menusuk kalbu.. :)



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