Friday, April 02, 2010

Classy Old Brown

I've been neglecting card-makings for a while now, as  I've been concentrating on other types of paper-crafts. I've slowly replenished my paper stock so hopefully, I could squeeze some time to start making cards again.

This one was made a while back, and I couldn't find the right wording for the card, so as always, I just leave it blank. So mind me, if the card looks a bit.... unfinished. I will fill in the blank spot once I've decided to whom I should give the card to.. :P

Yes, the card looks vaguely similar in colour choice to the one I made for my cousin's merisik ceremony. Frankly, I made this card first, and the box followed suit about a week after.

I'm still experimenting on different designs that could be made from this simple quilling paper scrolls. So far I've made a lot of abstract designs, some architectural-inspired designs, flowers and even borders. There are so many more to explore, and experiment, so again, do mind me if I'm a wee bit excited and keep on recycling and reforming the paper scrolls. :P

Have a great weekend, and till next week then.

[off to cut some pink papers..].

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