Monday, April 05, 2010


That's what this card reminds me of. Wonderland.

It's the bright and colourful Wonderland, where flowers hum Ne yo songs, and the rabbits play the cellos. The flower petals change colours every 29.4 seconds and the leaves sleep in daytime.  The rivers are all in bright orange and there are red benches on every corner. The zebras can dance and the squirrels can whistle. And the fountains are made of chocolate a'la Charlie's factory.
I'm an imaginative kind of person, and I could go on creating stories and fairy tales in my head for ages, complete with the prequals and the sequals. I've thought of becoming a writer once (ha!), simply because I love stories, and fairy tales. During those years when I first learned ABCs, some of the books that my parents bought me include compilations of Malaysian folklore and tales, and I remember knowing every inch of the books by heart. And I remember when I was in 8, I turned a 60 word essay homework on animals into a whole page short story about giraffe's family, complete with drawn pictures of the giraffes.

These flowers are mutations of daffodils, roses and cacti and go by the name Pink Narcissa. They can only live near crystal clear lakes. A warning though - they have no relations to Narcissa Malfoy in Harry Potter (lol!). There was a legend going on in this Wonderland, that the heritage line of Pink Narcissa came from a known Greek legend, which is known as Narcissus.

My first encounter with Shakespeare was when I was 12. I beg my parents to buy me the whole set of Shakespeare's work (children's version) which were translated in Malay - that include Romeo and Juliet, Taming of the Shrew, Hamlet etc. I memorized all the stories by heart too. I wish I could spend my whole time reading stories, I said to myself.

The legendary Narcissus was a man blessed with good, handsome looks but despite that, he's also known as a very, very cocky young man. Women of all ages fell for him but he cruelly rejected them all. One day he walked by a pool of water, and saw his own reflection in it. And it was said that he fell in love with his own reflection. Legend had it that the poor Narcissus couldn't leave that pool of water, as  he wasn't able to leave the beauty of his own reflection. It being a myth, Narcissus was said to die there, and was later transformed into flower, and continued gazing it's own image in the water.

I got my wish years after, and spent four amazing years learning and studying the beauty of literature. But of course, there were still times where I had to literally drag myself to read about American History and British Monarchy, memorizing Julius Caesar and Rubayyat Umar Khayyam by heart, understanding the brain-cracking literary theories etc... so who ever said learning literature is easy should really give it a try.

And that was how Pink Narcissa got their name from. And they still stand proudly by the lake, but this time, they're not only looking into their own reflections, but the whole reflections of the bright Wonderland.


  1. love it very much!!! sangat sweet~

  2. tq farah! How's your hand? Bila nak resume crafting?

  3. isk.. dh sakit balik.. sebab dukung Nayli yg nak peluk je mummy dia kelmarin... :/
    ada buat skit2.. tak sempat nak snap as my compact camera rosak.. (T_T)
    nanti i'll upload yeah? tapi long pekasam la dulu... :))



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