Thursday, April 29, 2010

A breath of fresh air

First of all, sorry for the long overdue posts. There's something wrong with the laptop the whole of last week, so I have to rely on the house's desktop to go online. But it was hard to put a blog entry as usual since all my photos are stored in my laptop and I couldn't even reach them. And when the problem finally settled (got my laptop running again yeay!), the Internet went haywire for a couple of days. So all the hustles finally being settled today so I'm back to my usual self! Yeay! You see, I can't live without my laptop and this past week without it felt like a part of me being taken away. Hehe. But at least the lappy got to rest for a week, right!

Let's go back to today's entry.

I've recently sent the frame to its rightful owner, so I'm finally able to post this online. :) This is my 2nd try at calliagraphy, and I thought it was much better than my first try. It looks neat, and has that wood feel to it.

It's very strong and sturdy, even though I just used mounting board and exacto knife for the design. The hardest part was during the measurement process, as calculations always tire me out! Told you I'm not good with numbers!

The process itself wasn't that tedious, but this time I pay more attention on the corners (those are the most difficult parts of the design. I painted everything in few layers of  red poster colour, and let it dry. I later coated it with few layers of mod podge, to seal everything (so it would last longer, and didn't collect much dust). I'm loving mod podge so much now and have been using it on most of my projects :)

And only after everything dried, I pasted the design on a thick white paper and frame it. And I'm loving the final outcome. It looked way better than my first try, right? :)

Fathiah, thank you for giving me the opportunity to explore on calligraphy, and I've enjoyed making this for you!


  1. thanks a lot miyyah...suka sgt2 this khufi calligraphic frame husb pun suka gak..dia suh order lagi sepasang..hehe insyaAllah ape2 sy email lagi k..

  2. saya suka!!!! nak order boleh? nanti i email.


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