Sunday, May 02, 2010

The joy in a heart

Mind me, if this entry is going to be bombarded with lots of photos. I simply couldn't get enough of these, and keep on snapping the pics for the nth time, up until the day of delivery hehe.

Are-ween emailed me way back in January, and told me she wanted to give something practical and special for her friends during her wedding, which is going to be in May. After few discussions, we settled on bookmarks, and knowing that I have totally ample time on my hand (5 months, for 100 bookmarks! Yeay!), I took my own sweet time to design them. And I was totally satisfied with the result. And I wanted to share them here :)

The first 80 pieces was meant for the girlfriends of the bride, so the theme was pink and white. As I couldn't resist on the colour combination (hehe), I made half with white as the background, and another half with pink as the background.

Here's the close up:

And I quilled each heart excitedly, and got really addicted to making all 80 of them haha!

The other 20 pieces were meant for the bride guyfriends, so it took a while to decide on the design, and the colour.

Are-ween then wanted black and green, and since I don't want black to dominate the bookmark and become a stark contrast to the white and pink versions, I added on the creamish white to soften the effect. And with the brightness of the greens, I think they blend in well. :)

The quotation is simple, but goes straight to the heart.

I love the fact that each of the bookmark is actually different from one another, as I purposely arranged the quilled coils (the heart) and quilled marquise (the leaves) randomly. So each would be slightly different from the rest, and has that individualistic feel to it.

Now, don't you wish you're invited to Are-ween's wedding? :P

And before I end today's entry, I would like to thank Lin, for featuring Miyyah@Kertas at her blog. I've been a lurker at her blog for quite a while, as I love her cards, and her cute figure drawings (since I'm really bad at that hahaha), so it's a huge honour to be the featured blog of the month there. Lin, thanks so much for featuring me, and keep on paper crafting ya! It's great to be part of the small community of Malaysian paper crafters!

And special thanks also goes to Norlie and Miezam, for the wonderful awards they've given me. Miezam is the jack of all trades (he basically tries his hands on everything), and one of the few thorns among the roses. And Norlie is simply the felt mistress, and has never ceased to amaze me with her stitching and sewing skills,which I envy. :)

And to Are-ween, congratulations dear, on your upcoming wedding. Hope it's going to be a blast, and wish that your friends would love the bookmarks. It's been a pleasure to make these for you!

p/s:  These were the items meant for the black box. :)


  1. So lovely! Rajinnye buat satu2...wish I can get one...

  2. OMG!!! These bookmarks are so cute...I personally love the green one! I love the colors you had chosen for the leaves...
    Regarding you as my featured blogger for the problem,you are most is my pleasure to feature artists with great talent like yours :). I really heart your artwork!

  3. Anonymous5:43 am

    so it..

  4. he jack of all trades (he basically tries his hands on everything), and one of the few thorns among the roses....

    hahhaha..thnks for the compliment...
    felt craft ::check
    paper sculpture:: check
    quiling craft::check
    crochet amigurumi::check...

    thnks again miyyah eventhough im a torn..hahha

  5. cantik la bookmark nih..kalo jual..bp satu?hehe



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