Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thy name is Konn!

"Thy name is Konn.." I told him.
"Why Konn?"
"Just because." I said.
"Okay. Then Konn it is."

Isn't he an obedient piece of paper? Konn was born after Irie, but it took a while before finally being featured on Miyyah@Kertas.

I love everything about Konn. He's bubbly, he's dreamy, a neat freak, a claustrophobic and such a cutie. And he flaps his bulky hands every time he walks down the stairs. As if he has wings. Such a fool! Such an adorable fool with a little bowtie!

Since Konn has been a very obedient and loyal companion, I awarded him with magnet on his back (not shown in pics as they were taken ages ago!), so instead of being kept in the darkest alley in the embellishment box, I let him free and he finally chose to stay on the magnetic board at the living room, where he now proudly stands guard.

Isn't it nice to have Konn who's always by your side, to stand guard and to protect you, but expects nothing in return?

p/s: I seriously need to pick up on my social life!

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