Thursday, November 12, 2009


I'm back! With another card!

This simple card was requested by a friend for her sis in law, who celebrated her birthday in early November. Told you I love swirls, and am yet to be tired of quilled flowersss hehehe.

The base for the cardstock is cream in colour, and I use peachy red, pink (dark and light pink), brown and with a dash of yellow for the quilling design. This is the first time I use more than 3 colours for a card, but I LOVE the colour combination anyhow.

I'm yet to practice on quilling the words differently, but I'm still loving the SIS look. Perhaps I could improve a bit on the designs in my next cards.

I also add up some pink buttons (of different pink tones) and little pink pearls to the card. The buttons were easy to manage, but the pearls.... ermm.. the end result was always great, but I feel like I always lose my patience everytime I had to deal with them. It's always a very messy affair. And I hate that. *sigh*

I do hope the sister in law loves the card tho. Okay, need to go back doing things I love to do on Thursdays. Aaand I need to finish up some cards and boxes and bookmarks before the deadline next week. Till later then!

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