Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The first car

I never bought quilling books before. Intend to, not only it's hard to find good quilling books, the available books are way overpriced, being the cheapest is around RM60 and the most expensive one is RM100++. So when I FOUND this book by Malinda Johnston was sold at a bargain price of RM24.90, I just had to buy the book. And it's the only one left on the shelf. Yes, I am excited!

(I bought this at MPH One Utama, so in case you're interested, try to find the book at other MPHs as well. Good luck!)

The book gives some great templates and it provides great ideas in improving my quilling skills. I've learned most of the basic flowers so I thought it's time to step up and try something totally different. So using the template from the book, I made this:

Yes, it's a car. Yes, it's supposed to be a vintage/antique car. And yes, being antique, it looks like it's about to fall apart hahaha! The original colour for the car was supposed to be red, but I've used up all my red papers, so I substitute the red with blue.

The original template was actually in reverse, but since I've messed up the other side with glue and I think it looked ugly, so I switched the side.

I love making the wheels haha, but really dreaded the car body parts. The body parts frustrated me sometimes, because I need to arrange the peds according to the template. But being me, I simply runs through all the rules and do it my way. LOL!

If you look closely on the pictures, you can still see the mess the glue gave me. I made the car few days back, started by shredding the papers at around 9++ pm and completed the whole car project at around 5 am the next morning. Yes, I don't sleep. No, quilling was not the only thing I did that night. I quilled while watching Kdrama on my laptop LOL. At least it would keep me from falling asleep.

Now that's the story of my first quilled car. :) Need to think of what to do next... another car? a house? Logos? Food? Yeah. may start quilling some chocolates later.


  1. i likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee....!!!!
    kat rumah i ni ade satu buku: The paper crafter's bible. beli berkurun. buatnyer tdk. tgn aku dok giftedlah miyyah. kerah khetong!

  2. kak ti, apa kat u sedekah je buku tu kat i hahaha



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