Thursday, November 05, 2009

Card-Runway (Part 3 - Final part)

Am back!

Before I start on the final part of the Card-Runway Show, there are few things that need to be clarified:

1. For the time being, I only take custom orders for anything related to papers - especially cards (all types), gift boxes, calendars etc. Whether it's only one, or in bulk, I'll try my very best to entertain to your needs.

2. It was an indescribable pleasure to have people acknowledging what you do, and appreciate your work. And everytime I have to part with my cards/craft items, it saddens me. Because only I know how much work and efforts and hearts I've put in one single item that I made. But then, I believe if I love them that much, other people will love them as much too. Hence, this was never about money (but of course, I welcome them too haha). The thing is, I made crafts only for those who are willing to appreciate them. And if you belong to the group, thank you very much, and I really appreciate that.

3. I do have some pre-made cards/ gift boxes/ quilled items in my collection, and been thinking of having one day garage blog sale to discard them. Will tell about it soon, so keep peeking ya! (P/s: might start a blog giveaway too - anyone wants some freebies?)

Okay, having that cleared up, let's go back to the Card-Runway.. the finale is finally here! Btw, like I've mentioned before, these cards were custom made for a friend (or should I start using the word customer?). She's changing job and wanted to give hand-made cards for her colleagues, as her farewell gifts. The first two cards are the final two in the 10 card collection:

Card No 9: Using simple quilling, paper cutting (at one point it looked like some cracked glass haha), and embossing.

Card No 10: Black does go well with anything.

And last but not least, this last card was meant for her boss, who's also joining a new workplace as a judge. Hence, the black and white card.

Card No 11: Please ignore the background mess haha. The trickiest part to do was arranging the tiny pearls.

And that's the end of my Card-Runway show. The process of making them was wonderful albeit the tiredness having to squeeze the creative juices from the brain. I've enjoyed making them, nevertheless. And I do hope you've enjoyed the show too. :)


  1. nice...i like...kalo nk tempah kad kawin, kak miy design kan bole ke?

  2. boleyy, nnt kita jumpa kita discuss okeh!

  3. very very very nice! i like it!

  4. salam,,kalau nk order cm ne ye,,



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