Monday, July 07, 2008

Yummy paper clips!

First of all, there's something wrong with my camera! Every time I tried taking photos, they ended up either in stripes or too bright that I have to readjust in photoshop. Even then, I'm not really satisfied with the photos, so mind the eye disturbance till I get my camera fix ok!

Right, back to yummy paper clips. I wasn't really into paper clips before, but lately I figure out that paper clips come in handy when you are unwilling to forgo the extras from your art projects. Lovescrap for one, had a paper clip swap not long ago (which I found out after I joined the forum - so I did not participate in it). But I was sooo into the idea that I decided to make my own paper clips. I have a box of coloured paper clips at home so I decided to give it a try - and ended up using almost all the paper clips!! ;p

So here they are... enjoy!

You recognise where the pattern paper comes from, don't you? :)

These paper clips actually come together with a box and 2 accordion album (1 mini). Will blog about them later.

The flower power (the roses paper clip reminds me of a bridal shower muaahahahaha)

My first experiment using paperless materials :)

.. last but not least, you probably remember Mr I? Apparently he found his true love and also successfully reached for the star. So he's not a depressed lamb anymore hahhahaa.

Don't these look yummy? They remind me of lollipops. Not sure why.

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  1. nek 'kelip2' esp Encik Biri2 hehehehe...



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