Monday, July 07, 2008

How to make your own alphas

I was so tired yesterday that I had to waive my laptop for the whole day. Sorry for the delay ya!

My dad is a retired teacher. At one point of his teaching careers, he taught Arts in school. I particularly love his handwriting and he particularly fussy about getting the right way of writing ABCs. He taught us how to write ABCs, and if you simply going against his teaching, he would complain the whole way throughout your life! Hahaha.

I have to admit that his way of writing ABCs has helped me a lot when I'm cutting out my alphas. So that's why I wanted to share with you guys the tips as well (even if you already know it).

With the advancement of tech nowadays, its easier to print out the font and trace on your cardboard, but I like the simpler way of cutting right through, without even having to calculate anything (coz I'm very bad at calculating)

So when I cut out my alphas, first I would cut out squares of similar sizes. As usual, I don't give the required length or width as I believe it's up to you. If you want skinny alphas, you cut out squares of smaller width and vice versa.

Then I set the 'imaginary' grid lines on the cardboard (I was too lazy to draw the lines using pencil)

And this is how I cut all my alphas. I use the grid lines as my base and estimate the widths of the alphas according to the gridlines.

So I cut out my alpha (in this case, an N) according to the grid lines, and when it finished, it would look like this:

I always make sure that when I cut out my alphas, it is done in symmetrical lines so that I wont have unbalanced alphas.

This is an example of how to use grid lines for other alphas:

It's just an example. You could use other fonts as well, but as long as the grid lines are there, Insya Allah, your cut out alphas will look great. :) Good luck!

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  1. thx for this tutorial miyyah! sekarang dah tau cemana nak dapatkan font cantik2.



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