Monday, July 07, 2008

Blog Candies by Ying

The good thing about blogging and crafting is that you've got to meet so many other brilliant crafters. In my short stint of blogging about crafts and stuff, I'm proud to say that I've met more friends that share similar hobby here than I've met in real life! (No offense Tita, but you have to admit that its hard to find one with similar interests in our circle of friends haha). And to find so many Malaysians sharing similar obsessions is even more exciting.

While going on blog hopping today, I bumped into Ying's blog through Nana (have to give you credit Nana!) Ying is giving away some blog candies. Love her cards and her rubber stamping craze! Been dreaming of having my own rubber stamps for ages now (later I'll try making some on my own ok hehe). I really admire the way she uses colours for her cards. How I wish I have similar artistic hands hahaha.

So, go and say hi to her. Hurry up ok, coz she'll draw by the 12th.

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