Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Tags revealed!

Some of you may have seen all my name tags @ Lovescrap before. But those are of my names (and not yours yet) as one of the rules of the challenge is to put our own names for the tags. So, the real version of the tags are as follows:

(Please mind the shaky pictures as I took the photos at 3 am hahhaa. For better pictures, please visit Lovescrap forum (Challenge). Oh. You have to register first to do that. :P


A fresh sunflower for the cheery Sha

A three-layer wedding cake for the sweet Ina

A red and white tuxedo for the hunky Ajim (Lina) - ala Adam AF muahahaha

A piano for Lynn (play some beautiful songs ok!)

A flip flop for the ever travelling Kiki (the other pair is still with the Prince Charming, I believe? - ala Cinderella muahahaha)

A bright, red and heart-full of love for the ever-glamourous Tita

A Couch retro bag for the adorable Farha (Fliffy)

A cute in-love skull for Farah with a wish that you'll be in love till death do you part :)

And a black and white tuxedo ala Jackie Chan for Ezzan (Elin) muahahahaha!

I really hope you like yours. If the next challenge needs us to play for quantity again, I'll let you choose okay! And these are some other name tags that I did for the challenge...

Najmi - by any other name would smell as sweet ;p (click to read the small notes below the name)


(okay this is meant for my nephew but don't have time to paste their names yet!)

mia - what my bosses used to call me (easier for me to spell out to them)

miyya - the poyo feminin version of what I dream people would call me by hehehehe

Wan - the official name of what I'm called by people who don't know me.

If you think your name is mentioned above, please email me your full address so I can mail you the tag (or for some cases, I'll give you the tag when I see you okay)

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