Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Wishlist

My classes will start today and it will be a very hectic semester ahead. So please be patient if I have difficulties in keeping up with daily updates. Will try, but can't promise anything. There are other things than crafting, you know ehhehehe.

I managed to learn a new thing these few days. While keeping myself busy with the tag challenge, forums to visit, exam papers to mark etc, I found this wonderful tutorial online that taught on how to make a mini book. It carries 3 pages and four tag pockets. So I decided to make my own mini book since the steps are sooooo simple!!!

So I come out with: MY WISHLIST.

MY WISHLIST is basically all the wishes, hopes and plans that I have in my life. Lists of things I wanted to do, things I plan to fulfil and things I dream of.

There are things that I need to fulfill in my life, list of what I plan to do with my family, and things I aim to have in my career.

There's also a plan I have when it comes to the matters of the heart, soul and last but not least, my whole list of what I want to achieve in relation to my craft addiction. :) Let's take a peek of what I've listed in my wishlist...

oh. this is parts of what's listed under "Craft" wishlist.. (mind the handwriting :p)

Will definitely do a tutorial on mini book later. Hold on ya, while i get my camera fixed. (The pictures above were taken from my sis' camera.

Oh. We finished our first weekly challenge at Lovescrap, so I'm going to reveal which name tag belongs to whom.... later! So stay tuned!

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