Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mini book challenge

Here's my take for Lovescrap 2nd Challenge - Mini book:

Materials used:
White Cardstock
A4 paper (yellowish orange - buta warna sket)
Needle & thread (for book sewing)
Wrapper from Tang's Art (leftover from previous project)
Buttons as embellishment
Adhesive (Dry & wet)
Pen (coloured)

Techniques used:
Stamping (hand-made)
Paper cutting

I love bright colours. I feel that bright colours bring very strong energy to my arts. That's why I really love contrasting colours. It's just because the colours themselves are able to attract from far. Again, the materials are from my own collection and I managed to complete the book in one night... haha. Basically I get the idea from one of my digital layouts that I made and display in Lovescrap (only in Lovescrap- that's how special the forum is):

Both are totally different in design especially given the digital layout is in blue and the mini book is in 1001 colours. The basic design is still there, and both pictures (the feet in the sand for digi lo and the doodlings for mini book) are still originally from me. Simply said, I scraplift my own digital layout and transform it to paper layout. And they turned out to be 2 totally different designs.

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