Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Art of Literature

The great thing of being a literature major and an art lover is that you get to combine two things you love most in the world - the beautiful language and the ecstatics of arts. And when both combined, you can have some fresh ideas to your crafts.

Like when I started this craze over hand-made stamps, I have no ideas what and where I'm going to use my stamps - given that I was never a stamper before. So the simplest idea that I can do is to create stories based on the stamps, and I come out with these note cards:

All the scalloping, doodling and wordings are self-made. Enjoy!


  1. great ideas! thanks for inspired me.If I am not mistaken, you are teacher? I am teacher too:-) hehe...I have some rubberstamps and ink pads to sell, contact me if you want some.

  2. hi miyyah...wah...creative thoughts! nice job.

    i got tag for u, pls check magic lamp of luck at my blog.

  3. Buat kalian ada yang BARU nih sayangi GEDGET kalian yaaa:) banyak INFORMASI yang bakal kalian tau dengan lihat link-link ini langsung saja yuuu:)



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