Sunday, July 06, 2008

Love your alphas!

Been quite busy this weekend with dad coming from KT. Today is his birthday and we have breakfast invitation at my aunty's house. So, I'll try to make it very fast this morning.

I was making name tags when I suddenly realised that all my then name tags carried similar alpha foam stickers - either in black or in pink. Ok. The truth is, I don't have much alphas. I bought my alpha collection at RM1.99 shop nearby (the foam alphas) since they sell them at a very,very cheap price. Where else could you get a set of alphas for RM1.99? Even craft stores could not sell at that price!

So, then I decided to make my own alphas, using the balance from the cardboards that I used. Oh. When you have a sister who plays futsal and always bring back free shoes from the sponsors, you got to keep all the beautiful shoe boxes for free! (Nike has beautiful shoebox design!)

So, here they are - my own alphas.

Have to rush now. Will post How To Make Alphas later on (when I'm back).. Daa!

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