Friday, November 19, 2010

Popping Green

When everybody else is still in the looping butterflies mood after the Get-Together, I'm currently addicted to this whimsical design haha.

This was made out of personal request of a dear sister from Uni whom I haven't met in ages, for her husband's birthday.

Green has always been one of my favourite colours, and being able to do a green-theme card is fun. However, the best part of making cards for ol' buddies is that cards could create reasons for us to meet. :)


  1. this is AWESOME kak miyyah! :D :D i really love your distinctive, personal, unique, own style in quilling. make more please! ;) ^__^

  2. oh plus the way you combine all the green shades, that is also beautiful. really looks harmony :D

  3. Dear Miyyah,

    Thank you for the nice words in my post re "Quilled notes".

    I owe it to your inspiring blog and to you, the quilling guru :)
    So, tou che to you too.

    Keep on inspiring yaa...

  4. Miyyah, another stunning creation! I love the wow factor that this card has. You do have a gift for designs and colour combo. Tq for sharing this treasure!x

  5. Wow..another beautiful creation from my sifu heheheh :) I love it!!

  6. Lovely card mashaAllah :)

  7. love this very the colour, design ..nice compo...make me jealous again..hahhahaha

  8. Really amaze your idea..oh so call 'crafty touch'!

  9. Good day! I am a first time on your blog and I must say that I like very much. I live in Poland and just starting the adventure with the technique of quilling. She wanted me to add your blog to watch and to the links:) Greetings.

  10. Miyyah ! Sgt cantik la yg ni ! So you ! Mcm tengok cerita Avatar !

    Azilah :)

  11. Amazing!
    I adore you work- simply beautiful quilling!

    Best wishes!



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