Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pipit, the market

It was my first time going to a craft fair. And I had such a blast!  It was packed with people, and all the designers were so creative in decorating their small booths. Some goes for wow effects, some are cute, some attracted attention from far away, some hang banners, and some others prefer simplicity and put everything on the floor (which I think is simple, but successful in gaining attention as well).

I learned a lot from the Wonderful market, especially on how I should arrange my artworks, the unique display methods, and the eco-friendly packaging. I've left the market feeling so happy and hopeful. Perhaps one day I could open a booth at Pipit affair too eheh.

I thought I could share a few lovely things that I found at the 5th Wonderful Market. So these are some of the interesting snapshots that I found in the market.

These sock dolls are totally adorable. They looked as if they're smiling to the camera. :)

I love bird cages. And this one was decorated in fluffy red and black flower. Simple, and nice.

And this one is one of the miniature houses on display at Pipit's. Amazing details!

And I brought these cute cards back. I'm such a sucker for a sad girl on a rainy day. Do visit my facebook page for more photos on Pipit's Wonderful Market.

There is one thing for sure - Malaysia surely has some talented young designers! *Standing ovation*

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