Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Purple Plait

I've tonnes of fun making these. I like the fact that they are so simple in design, and yet the simplicity is what makes them stand out. This is definitely one design I won't get tired of making. :)

I've used purple before, but only limit them to pastel colours.This marks my first time of combining purple and black, and those are really some joyful colours to combine!

I love making sets of these repetitive patterns for Nabila. Thought I should add more to the collection - pencils, pens, tags, notebooks etc so it could be one giant hand-made stationery set hehe.

Oh well, there's always next time, not?

The 2 yellowish brown bookmarks are definitely my favourite too - from the colour combination to the fact that it looks more like woodcarving than paper quilling haha. Should. make. more. of. these. :)


  1. love the yellowish brown too! ^^ simple tapi superb. can't wait to see more and more from you ;)

  2. just 3 words..oh my god.. :))

  3. sumayyah9:24 pm

    sweetnya bookmark ni =) ada design utk boys tak? tgh fikir2 nk bg special gifts to my students..


  4. nabillah11:42 am

    hello.ur blog is really awesome.good job mate!hee just wanna ask how u keep all those quilled papers in same size?



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