Friday, July 16, 2010

Hues of blue.

I don't like the fact that I missed this wedding. :( But I love everything about these.

It's a close cousin's wedding, and since I couldn't be there physically, I sent these to represent me lol. It's just a little something I loved to do, and a little something that is needed in the wedding.

My aunty wanted something plain and simple, without too much of exaggerated design on the boxes for the high table favours. So I made 10 of these:

Yes, the design looks simple, and yet cutting and gluing each paper together took me few sleepless nights and 100 of many different kinds of blue quilling strips. I'm loving the gorgeous off-white textured paper (found them on shelves in a stationery shop) and decided to wrap the box with it.

Shahir and Murni, congratulations on your wedding. Sorry we couldn't make it, but we're there in souls. :)


  1. Oh my, there's only 2 words for these - CLASSY and STUNNING! xx

  2. kak miyyah! great2 art!! i really hope to see more like this (even though you've been shared here plenty already :P) but really love this type. bila tengok skali, dah tau dah ni keje kak miyyah. well done!

  3. I love BLUE!!!! My favorite color!!! Oh my looks so elegant...simple yet so them so much! Great job!!!

  4. Cantik ! I love the white textured paper so much ! You can do plenty with them.

  5. They may be "simple" but very elegant. I love them. When you glue the quilling papers together, do you just glue the ends to get this look?

    As always, I am inspired to try new techniques from your creations.

  6. Anonymous2:42 am

    amazing! very pretty!

  7. thank you again.

    i wish I have time to do the pending tutorials, but my hands are currently full. perhaps once most of the things have been cooled down, I could start putting them in words (and pictures)

  8. double wow! i love ur work... cantik sangat! i baru nak berjinak-jinak dengan quilling ni...

  9. mcm mane nak tampal krts tu supaye tak comot dan kemas.

  10. Hardika2:38 am

    Hi Miyaah, i came across your blog a few days ago, Frankly i have become your fan now :) Awesome work, i simply love them. Since i am new to quilling i need some guidance from you, how did you make the curves in the above picture.. Can you put some small tutorial on the same if possible or probably explain it to us in words?????

  11. Lovely scrolls....Loved many of ur creative collections here ....Nice work. Am ur new follower.




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