Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Butterfly for the Depressed

Yeay! I finally made my first butterfly for 2010! It's been a while since I last got tired of butterflies (and flowers LOL) and switched to other things. So when I finally learned the alternate side loop quilling - which is the simpler version of husking technique (using hands to loop the paper strips instead of using husking board), I gave it a try and finally made my looping butterfly hehe.

I actually made this one huge butterfly in January, but had to wait for the right card to paste it. I finally found this gorgeous purple cardstock, and thought it suited the butterfly perfectly. As usual, I leave few spaces at the bottom of the card so I could add on some words depending on the occasion later.

Somehow, I'd like to think that this card would be a perfect gift for those in dire state of emotions. It may serve as a good reminder that everyone is beautiful, in his/her own way.

Do you know anyone in such mood, who would be happy to receive this card from a stranger?


  1. Hi Miyyah! I love your cards with quilling technique. My friend is learning about it, but I don't think I have the hands or the patience for quilling. :)

    Great job! :)

  2. i think my sister would be happy to receive a butterfly card.. she's a butterfly craze! :/

  3. debbie, thanks!! Quilling is not that hard, but yes, patience is definitely needed. That's why I usually did all the preparation beforehand, so when the time I start crafting, it didn't take that much of time.

    farah, noted! I'll book the card for your sis. Do you want me to sent it directly to your sister?



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