Sunday, March 07, 2010

It's black! It's white!

Another one in the series! I told you I was gearing up to these patterns hehe, so here goes another similar pattern in the series! I've previously made a card in shades of blue, and a box in tones of brown, so here goes the black and white version.

I've actually made this before I made the merisik box, but realised at the very last minute that I no longer have a black card in stock! So the project had to be put on hold for a while, and I only managed to resume it after getting my cardstock supply today.

I wish I could have some tones of grey in between, but grey papers are also nowhere to be found. It seems like I've used almost all of my favourite papers and yet to re-stock them. *sigh*

There are still more in the series (red! another blue! green! another brown! orange!)...... but as I said, most of my craftworks have been stalled lately - due to my laziness to restock everything (hehe!).

So stay tuned okay. :P


  1. I really love this design!!!!!!

  2. glad you did neli! :)

  3. owh finally i found your blog!

    thank yous for the box that you made for the merisik day!

    owh, boxes for my wedding still available for booking tak? :D

  4. Hi Miyyah!!!

    I just happen to bump into your Blog and i must say that i have been browsing all your posts endlessly! i loved every single thing u posted n u r so very talented at quilling.

    So now am ur fan n ur follower. :)

    Do hop over at my Blog when u get time!!


  5. purva5:59 pm

    hey hi...
    i loved your quilling technique....
    its really beautiful.....
    can u tell me what it is called???



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