Friday, October 09, 2009

Does it matter whether it's black or white?

I'm addicted! - to quilled flowers that is. I've been quilling like crazy lately, and been experimenting with as many flowers as I can do. It was fun, and really addictive. And I lost few kgs too haha as this tend to be the only diet that's working for me since I can only forget about food when I'm crafting hahaha.

Have to admit this is not really my favourite design, but I love the cool, mysterious and modern feeling that this card gives me (maybe not to anyone else though haha).

Anyhow, I love the combination of black and white, because in my book, black and white are my prime colours that I could combine with any other colours and still come out with gorgeous crafts. And I'm loving the wood-textured cardstock and the quilling strips that I made from the construction papers. The quilling strips give some kind of fabric feel to the flowers, and I love that effect to bits!

Like I mentioned before, the papers were a bit difficult to handle, and you need a whole lot of patience when it comes to gluing the rolled strips. And they're more fragile as well. Will try and experiment quilling on different types of papers and we'll see how they turned out. That way we could choose the best papers for the best quilling crafts heh!

The thing about quilling is that you can only appreciate the card once you notice how much work were put in one card. I quilled all the flowers beforehand (and currently have flowers in different shades and tones!) and only added the details once I've decided on what to do with the card.

The leaf below is the result of quilling two strips at one go. I overlapped black strip with white strip and quilled them together. Cool result!

I am yet to start husking (another quilling technique that needs more concentration and time), but that would have to wait since I have a lot more flowers to quill, and 9 more cards to make before next week arrives!

Now off to the cards again.


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  2. Sorry about that... trying again. So very pretty! I like the drama of black and white.

  3. Hi Ann!! (I had to pinch myself - it's really you!! - am a follower of your blog).Thanks so much for dropping by! Black and white are two of my fav colours as well, and I'm surprised it stands out really well through quilling.



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